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Wake Up or Break Up!


What do you do when “happily ever after” blows up in your face? 
For me, I decided to break the cycle of silence and share my awkward story of infidelity, separation and making marriage work after betrayal. Join me each week as I explore the pain and pleasure of second chances. It’s time to WAKE UP or BREAK UP!
Note from the host: The stories shared on this podcast are real, and the outcomes will vary from person to person. I’m not here you give you the magic formula to fix broken relationships (I don’t know if one exists). I’m here to encourage you to seek support (socially, emotionally, psychologically), to deeply explore your thoughts and emotions, and to find meaningful ways to process and move forward from your experience. Healing and forgiveness take time, and they are not always complete. Be patient with yourself and your process. Good luck beautiful listener! ❤️